In June 2023, BMW announced that they will be creating a 2025 M5 Touring waggon variation.

Prices for the BMW M5 2024 start at $273,600 for the base Sedan M Models M5 Competition LCI.

The BMW M5 is one of the M-badged 5 Series models that offers a high level of performance.

A V8 engine with improved turbochargers and a maximum injection pressure of 350 bar is featured by the M5 CS.

The M5 will be offered for the first time as a plug-in hybrid with all-wheel drive and an estimated 738 horsepower.

It comes with an automatic gearbox.

The dimensions of the 5-door, 8-cylinder M5 are 4983 mm in length, 2126 mm in width, and 2982 mm in wheelbase.

The BMW M5 is available with a single petrol engine. There are 4395 cubic centimetres in the petrol engine.

Bmw M5 Competition The last recorded price was Rs. 1.74 crore.