Guru Ravidass Jayanti : Why Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated, know its history and significance  

Guru Ravidas Jayanti, the birthday of Ravidas, is celebrated on Magh Purnima, the full moon day of the month of Magha

It is the annual focal point of the festival in India, apart from this, devotees take a holy dip in the river to perform rituals

He is known as a spiritual person as well as a social reformer because of his work against casteism. He was a contemporary of Sant Kabir

Ravidas was born in village Seer Govardhanpur, his birth is celebrated as Ravidas Jayanti

He has also contributed to the Bhakti movement, and is known as a good friend and disciple of Kabir Ji. Meera Bai was his disciple

Sant Ravidas wrote 40 compositions which are included in Guru Granth Sahib. Ravidas fought for equality and justice in society. died in 1528

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