The Lunar New Year marks the start of a new year according to the lunisolar or lunar calendar.

Globally, billions of people observe the Lunar New Year celebration on the first lunar new year according to their calendar.

The Lunisolar New Year is celebrated on the same date in most of East Asia.

The first day of the Lunar New Year in 2024 is Saturday, February 10. 

This year, 2024, follows 2023's Year of the Rabbit and comes before 2025's Year of the Snake.

Another name for the Chinese New Year is the "Spring Festival," and it marks the beginning of spring and the end of winter.

In China, the date of the New Year is based on the lunar calendar and usually takes place between January 21 and February 20.

The twelve animals that make up the Chinese zodiac are as follows: dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, and pig.

One animal represents each zodiac sign at the beginning of the year.

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