Political strategist Ronna Romney McDaniel of the United States has presided over the Republican National Committee (RNC) since 2017.

"Haddel has thus far failed to preside over a single positive election cycle," Axios said in December 2022.

She and her husband, Patrick McDaniel, are members of the Latter-day Saints Church.

They have two children together. Nville, Michigan is where they call home.

As early as October 27, 2022, McDaniel shamelessly ridiculed well-known Democrats, including the then-Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania and U.S.

Some Republicans in her state's leadership wanted her to step down. The demands that she step down were ignored by the RNC 

The total wealth of Ronna McDaniel is thirty million dollars.

In her own right, Ronna McDaniel has experience in the corporate and political spheres.

She is 50 years old.

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