Twisters 2024 Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Plot and Budget

Twisters 2024 Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Plot and Budget
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Twisters 2024: Lee Isaac Chung directed an american disaster film Twisters. It is the screenplay by Mark L. Smith. Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley are the producers of this american disaster film. According to sources, Twisters 2024 is the sequel to the original film Twisters, which stars Anthony Ramos and Daisy Edgar-Jones, and will eventually hit theaters in July of 2024.

The heavily budgeted sequel, which commenced filming in and around Oklahoma City in May 2023, has kept its plot elements under wraps. The SAG-AFTRA strike halted filming in July of 2023, but it picked back up in November and continued until its conclusion in December of the same year. In this post, we will provide information about Twisters 2024, release date, cast, plot, budget, and trailer. 

Twisters 2024

‘Twister’ is an updated version of the 1996 film about two storm chasers who put themselves in harm’s way to try out a new kind of weather warning system.

Release DateJuly 19, 2024
CastDaisy Edgar-Jones, David Corenswet, Tunde Adebimpe,  Brandon Perea, Daryl McCormack, Glen Powell, Anthony Ramos, Maura Tierney, Sasha Lane, Kiernan Shipka, Nik Dodani, Katy O’Brian
PlotA new generation of storm chasers faces off against devastating tornadoes. (Details under wraps)
Budget$200 million
TrailerReleased during the Super Bowl, showcasing impressive special effects and a tense atmosphere
Connection to Twister (1996)Stands alone in the same universe, not a direct sequel

Twisters 2024 Release Date 

The film (Twisters 2024) is set for a global release on July 19, 2024, by Warner Bros. Pictures and Universal Pictures.

The Cast of Twisters 2024

“Twisters” features an ensemble of brilliant actors and actresses who bring the plot to life. As Kate Cooper, Daisy Edgar-Jones brings her magnetic personality and screen presence to life. Taking on the role of Tyler Owens, Glen Powell gives a nuanced and compelling performance. Anthony Ramos brings a new dimension to the group dynamic as he joins the ensemble as Javi.

 Along with them, the cast is completed by  Kiernan Shipka, Nik Dodani, Maura Tierney, Brandon Perea, Daryl McCormack, Sasha Lane, David Corenswet, Tunde Adebimpe, and Katy O’Brian. Their abilities combine to provide an enthralling and unforgettable viewing experience.

Plot of Twisters 2024

The fact that it is a sequel to Twister is the main attraction of Twisters. Played by Helen Hunt, the 1996 film Twister follows Jo, a woman whose fascination with tornadoes stems from the fact that one killed her father when she was a youngster. In the present day, Jo convinces her estranged husband Bill to come to town by offering to sign the divorce papers, but her true intention is to show him “Dorothy,” a weather sensor device that has the potential to transform storm research. But to showcase Dorothy, the two of them, along with Bill’s fiancee and the remainder of Jo’s meteorological team, must get perilously near an approaching tornado.

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Twisters stands on its own as a sequel in the end. This means that while both Twister and Twisters take place in the same universe, the plots and characters of the sequel will be completely different from those of the first. Twisters isn’t so much a plot continuation as it is a loosely inspired spinoff. Since they won’t have to watch Twister first, new viewers will easily get into Twisters. Since the sequels will continue to explore the same concepts, fans of the original Twister will still like this one, even if it has little to no connection to the first.

Twisters 2024 Trailer

During the Super Bowl, the first trailer for Universal’s much-anticipated Twisters update was released.   Thanks in large part to its innovative special effects, the 1996 original Twister was a huge financial success, grossing about $500 million throughout the world. 

Twisters 2024 Budget 

In May 2023, with a projected budget of $200 million, principal photography began in the Oklahoma City area. The 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike halted filming in July. After the strike ended in November 2023, production started up again and finished the following month. The original plan was for 40 days of filming at Prairie Surf Studios and 50 days throughout the Oklahoma City metro area. Along with Cashion, other places were Chickasha, Okarche, El Reno, and Spencer. 


1. Is Helen Hunt in Twisters 2024?

There has been no official word on whether Hunt will be returning, though. Universal has been mum on whether Hunt’s character will appear in the sequel to connect with her onscreen daughter, and she has remained silent since filming concluded in December 2023.

2. Who is directing the Twisters 2024 film?

In December, Lee Isaac Chung was appointed director of the Twisters project. Production companies Kennedy/Marshall, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Amblin Entertainment worked together on the solo sequel. Warner Bros. is now in charge of distribution in other regions, while Universal is responsible for North American distribution.

3. Where can I watch Twisters 2024?

The theatrical release of Twisters 2024 is scheduled on July 19, 2024, hence it is not currently available to view online. The conventional method of viewing a newly released film is in a movie theater. Fandango and, among others, have listings for theaters that will be exhibiting Twisters 2024.


The highly awaited disaster flick Twisters 2024, helmed by Lee Isaac Chung and scripted by Mark L. Smith, is on the horizon. Although it takes place in the same universe as the 1996 film “Twister,” it is not a direct sequel to that picture. I hope you like reading Twisters 2024.

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